small boat buying advice?

I believe people when they say a boat is a hole in the water you throw money into.

I’m looking for a SMALL fishing setup for my wife, who grew up on a lake up north and loves to fish.

Something simple like a 14 foot jon boat, with trailer, trolling motor, maybe a fish finder, and possibly a small gas motor.

What are the pitfalls to looking for a setup like this? What do I need to steer clear of and any general advice you may have.

I’d really like to keep it well under $2000.

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NEED FISHING BOAT USED 18FEET OR LESS TOP PRICE $3,000 fromsan diego,ca area?

i am a first time boat owner looking for an inexpensive fishing vessel with fish finder,trolling motor, possibly live well (optionable), 50HP UPWARD OUTBOARD ENGINE in good condiction.Iam a thrice wounded vietnam Marine Corps vet trying to find peace in my final years by being on the water, fishing.Will you please help? “SEMPER FI” ES SPIRIT DE CORPS 1959-1973

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Remote controlled boat fish finding. Does this have potential or should it remain decommissioned?

About 4 years ago I bought a rather large remote controlled boat rigged out with remote fish finder for discovering fish while shore fishing. I never really had any luck with it but I did at least manage to detect fish while maneuvering the craft from ashore. Do you think remote fish finder technology has improved enough now for me to make sense out of using this technique again in the future.

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Can anyone suggest where to mount a humminbird 997c side imaging transducer to a 189 Nitro Fish & Ski boat?

I just bought a humminbird 997c side imaging fish finder. I have a 189 Nitro Sport Fish & Ski boat. I am having a hard time finding a place to mount the transduer where it will be far enough from the motor (out board) and yet have a clear view from the two side standing boards on the rear. Anyone have any pictures of where they mounted their transducers that I can look at?

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