Do you need a nice bass boat to set up a fish finder GPS?

I am looking into buying a fish GPS. I have a 14 foot Alumacraft Boat. Its old school. Im looking into buying this fish finder:

My boat looks similar to this. Will it work?

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Mounting a fish finder on a fly fishing pontoon boat need help?

I have a Eagle Cuda portable fish finder and I want to mount it on my single man pontoon boat but I am at a loss on how to do it. My pontoon is a fishcat 9 and the seat sits out of the water. I know I need to mount the transducer under the water then I need to figure out how to mount the finder itself where it will not be in the way for casting rowing and kicking. Any of you have any suggestions or pics of similar setups that may help?

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Fish finder on Inflatable boat?

I’m thinking about getting a fish finder in the $100 range for my inflatable boat. it’s a 12ft excursion 5 with a transom that hangs on the back and a transom mount 40lb Motorguide Varimax trolling motor. can something like the Hummingbird PiranhaMax 170 mount to this type of boat? I don’t know jack about fish finders and it says it’s “dual beam” I have no way to mount anything to the front of the boat unless I get really creative.

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What is a good fish-finder and/or depth-finder for a 14 foot fishing boat?

Just got a little 14 foot fishing boat and I am looking for a fish or depth-finder for a Father’s day gift for my husband. I know next to nothing about this item, so please help. First, what is the difference between a fish finder and a depth finder and can I get a product that does both. What about having a GPS with it? Primarily fishing in a smaller 9 foot deep lake in Michigan (Lily Lake in Harrison). Any information would be greatly appreciated, such as prices I can expect to pay and where to shop.

I generally have a difficult time finding a great gift for my dear husband and really want to nail it this time. I am looking to spend around $200, but if you have suggestions out of that range, I will check into those, too.

Thanks in advance.

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