small boat buying advice?

I believe people when they say a boat is a hole in the water you throw money into.

I’m looking for a SMALL fishing setup for my wife, who grew up on a lake up north and loves to fish.

Something simple like a 14 foot jon boat, with trailer, trolling motor, maybe a fish finder, and possibly a small gas motor.

What are the pitfalls to looking for a setup like this? What do I need to steer clear of and any general advice you may have.

I’d really like to keep it well under $2000.

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What should i look for when buying a new fishing rod?

I am looking to upgrade but my budget is only 40-50 dollars for a rod. i saw at my local gander mountain, and i saw a rod that had 6-7 ball bearings but it was a spinning rod but i saw another rod that was a bait casting rod but it was only 3 ball bearings. what is the difference? i had a spinning rod but i want to change to a bait casting rod. What should i get?

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Im buying my partner a fishing reel for xmas and I need help!?

I need to buy a reel for my partner but havent got a clue what to buy?? It wud just be for basic fishing? Beginners fishing? Trout? Coarse? Not sea fishing though. Also I only wanted to pay about 30quid at the most. Would buying second hand be recommended off Ebay maybe? Please help by maybe suggesting a make of reel. Thanks very much!

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What is the advantage of buying a shorter or longer fishing rod?

I am looking into buying a new fishing rod and the two options are either a 5’10” rod or a longer 6’6″ rod, i usually just fish the detroit river and i do many different styles from casting to trolling to jigging and pretty much anything that’s working. but i would like to know what the advantages of getting the shorter rod would be and what the advantages of getting the longer rod would be, also please let me know any disadvantages either might have, they are the same brand same price same everything except for the length, both are even medium action. Thank you for helping me with this.

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