What is a good place to go camping in Illinois that includes on-site fishing?

Im looking for a place where I can set up my tent a couple feet from the water and reel some fish in… as long as its in illinois… I know about starved rock but what are some other places? I dont care if its a lake or river im well equiped for both…

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Where can i find parks that allow primitive camping?

I am looking for national, state, or other parks that allow tent camping without set “campsites”. I want to be able to go in, hike and find a place to set up camp wherever I want. I would prefer lakes and rivers, but this is not crucial. Solitude and relaxation is what I am seeking. Does anyone know of any such parks? Does anyone know of a place online to search for this kind of camping? Thanks.

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where is the best/top rated places (national forests) for rafting, camping, hiking,….in the United States?

a place with cool streams and waterfalls, where you don’t run into many other campers…..etc….etc… looking for great fishing with cool streams. I’m not worried about cost as long as i’m not paying celebrity-A list pricing. LOL

I’m just looking for some ideas for a 4-5 night trip. Not necessarily camping, but maybe a log cabin……or if there are guided trips also anyone recommends….looking for suggestions…thx
is lake tahoe or yosemite good?

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