Im going to Florida and Planning on saltwater fishing. What Fish Should I look to catch?

im Leaving for sarasota florida in two days. Im from NJ and Im not sure what people are catching in florida this time of season besides pompano. What types of fish should i look to catch and what baits should i use to catch them? Thanks

Also Im SALTWATER fishing
i am fishing off land mostly surf fishing (on the beach)

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How to catch fish in my neighborhood pond?

Hi guys. I’m 14, and I have a small pond in my neighborhood that I’ve been fishing in for probably 10 years ever since I was a kid. I love fishing, and for the majority of my time fishing at the neighborhood pond (I’d say it’s about the size of a football field with a max depth of about 5-7ft), we caught a lot of fish. I remember one trip where we caught about 15 catfish total in probably about 2 hours. We also caught various panfish and largemouth bass. However, in the past 2 years, I have maybe caught 1 or 2 fish. I KNOW they are there though, because just a week ago I was walking along the ledge and spotted about 10 good size largemouth bass in the shallow water. I know they are there, but I need tips on how to catch them. Again, my pond consists of largemouth bass, panfish, catfish, and even 2 large koi fish.
Pond Layout:
The pond has is connected to a creek on one side that, when there is a good amount of rain, flows directly into the pond. On the opposite side is a dam for when the water overflows. In the middle of the pond is a large fountain as well.
The temperature will be fair, about 60-70 degrees, and we are fishing starting at about 6-7pm. Any tips and tricks on how to catch fish in this neighborhood pond are greatly appreciated! Also, if anybody has any tips about being a better fisherman in general, I am open to any suggestions!
Last thing, I use spincast and baitcast reels, if that is important

Thank you!

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How do you catch a big fish?

I bought a 21 1/2 foot Sea Ray and I take it out into the ocean and so far I’ve had some pretty big bites, but nothing too big yet. I’m sure it will come as I have too good boat rods and will be using chum this year.

My question is this. What the hell do I do once I get it on my line? How do I reel it in and what the heck am I supposed to do with it once I do?

I’ve seen a huge marlin jump out of the water and something really big hit my line last year. Really big.

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What is the best salt water fishing rods and reels to catch large tuna and swordfish?

My buddy and I will purchase a deep V saltwater boat for retirement. I want to catch large and small game fishes like tuna, swordfish, mahimahi…etc. What is the best rod and reels to purchase for fish weighing approx. 40lbs-1200lbs?

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What is the fish weight limit that a Daiwa D-Wave DWV Bi-Reel can catch and reel in?

I got a new fishing rod and reel for christmas. If you are familiar with fishing equipment, what is the weight limit on the rod? It is a thick rod and is also very long. To be specific, could I use it to reel in a Sturgeon or a Marlin? Daiwa D-Wave DWV 40Bi Reel and Pole

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