What is a good fishing pole for fishing for bass and catfish.?

I am looking for a good fishing pole for fishing for bass and catfish and blue gills occasionally. I dont want the prise any higher then 80 bucks. I use mostly spinner baits and Kelly Worms. And some time live bait. I want a good reel and a good fishing pole if you guys got any information please tell me what would be a good fishing pole to get and if you could put a link to one that would be good thanks.

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What to use when fishing for Channel Catfish on the Snake river in WA?

The cats in the river I believe are channel cats. I will be bank fishing. What type of pole do I need? reel? line? lure? bait?

I’ve fished for trout/steelhead/salmon/sturgeon in the past so I’m not new to fishing I’m just new to fishing for cats.

I am also a college student so I cant spend too much money but I also want something that won’t snap after a couple of times using it. Any suggestions?

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How do you fish for catfish?

What equipment should I buy to catch them with? What test pound line? What bait works best in your opinion? We are fishing in a very large strip pit, if that helps. I know they are bottom feeders, should I tight line for them? If so, how can I do that? Can they be caught with lures? If so, what? Does any color work best? Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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