What kind of fishing gear should I buy for fishing in the Texas Gulf Coast?

I need brand names, and specs on what kind of equipment to get for fishing in the surf in the Texas Gulf Coast. Namely, rod, reel, line weight, weights, etc…the basics for someone with no equip!!!

I don’t have to have top of the line equipment, but I would like to invest in reasonably priced, good equipment that will last. I am aiming to catch red fish, SW trout, pompano, and other medium sized fish out of the surf.

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Bites are few, far between off New Jersey coast

Bites are few, far between off New Jersey coast
I almost feel like I am doing a fresh water fishing column rather than one looking at salt water. That is because most of the action here at the Jersey shore lately has centered about what fresh water anglers call panfish. Wandering the docks last Saturday it was like everyone was fishing in the exact same place and were catching the exact same fish. There were plenty of bluefish, but two pounds …

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