What type of basic equipment do I need for fishing in Colorado?

I used to go fishing quite a bit as a kid in Utah, but now all that remains from that is my reel and pole. Now I’m in Colorado for medical school with my wife and daughter and was hoping to get started again camping and fishing on our (very few) breaks. Any suggestions on how to get started with fishing equipment? What all will I need from A to Z??


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Fly fishing or good alpine lakes in Colorado to fish?

Going on a road trip to CO in mid August, anybody have a any good advice for fly fishing spots, or good alpine lakes worth hiking a few days too. Also how bad is the weather and bugs that time of year? I have been there when I was a child but I do not remember how the weather was.


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Overnight Canoeing Trip in Colorado. Any suggestions?

I’m looking to plan a canoeing trip sometime in late May and was wondering what might be the best river to float for canoeing. Here is a list of things I would like this river to include (If possible):

1. Good trout fishing
2. No more than Class II (A few class III would be fine)
3. Self-Guided
4. 2-3 days

I have heard that the Gunnison River and White River are options, if so, does anyone know any websites to get information?

Thank you so much in advance for your help!!

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