Locating Bass on dark days?

Imagine….another bass question from me ha… im loving learning about this fish.

Do bass hang out around the same cover on cloudy days as they do on sunny days (no sun, so no shadows cast by overhanging trees or other obstructions…no need for the bass to hide from the sun as its not there) also, how to find them in deep water…. i dont have a fish finder but i have a canoe and topographic maps (doesnt show bathymetery but does show land contours)….how do i know if im in a decent spot in the middle of the lake? should i just texas/caorlina rig a worm/grub and work the bottom…or sink a floating rappla? randomly fishing deep water whereever i toss out the anchor?…… oh, and dark days….. vibrant colors? lime greens/oranges/black? any help is appreciated.
Nova Scotia, Canada…… we only have small mouth in this province.

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What should I bring to a forest trip in the spring lasting 31 days?

I have listed the following:
Composite Bow
Flight Arrows (40)
Notebook Diary
Water Bottle – Flavor Splash –
Light Jacket – waterproof –
Yarrow – herb –
Aloe – herb –
Fishing Spear
Pen – Black Ink – (3)
The Ultimate Survival Guide
Waterproof Bucket Hat
Waterproof Poncho
Sunblock Lotion
Bug Spray
Candles (30)
Watertight Blanket
Wheat Thins – Snack –
Toilet Paper
Memo Pad
Pancake Mix (1 lb)
Biscuit mix (1 lb)
Waffle Mix (1lb)
Grits Mix (1 lb)

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