eagle fishfiner? <<<<< ??????

i just bought and installed and Eagle Cuda 168 fishfinder. I brought it out for the first time today to test it out. I understood all of the features and got it setup, however, how do you really read it for fish and such?

depth and everyhting works great, but for fish, i dont see any arches like in the instruction booklet. i see little blotches once in a while, and sometimes a slanted blotch. but nothing that resembles a fish in the manual.

when i put on fish ID (aka the novice fish tracker), it shows many, many fish. my cousin and i fished for about two hours in all the spots it showed fish and only one bite. (and we didnt even see the fish on the display).

anyone know of any good sites, tips or anything?

ps- Fish ID is when it shows actual pictures of fish and their depth. But it explains how the fishfinder can misinterpret echos as fish, for example how they might be air bubbles, extending branches from logs, etc.
o, and btw, i was fishing in water that was at most 9.5 FT deep. average, 7.5 Ft. so could this be why fish dont look like arches??

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