I’m getting my boyfriend a carrot stick (it’s a type of expensive fishing rod) for our one year anniversary?

Im totally in love with this guy and I want to make sure he knows it. I have given him Costa Del Mar sunglasses for graduation, and a bunch of cloths, hats, and a charm for his chain for other presents. Do you think a nice fishing rod and reel would be a good idea? I was going to get him Gator Football tickets but I’m not sure if i can get them anymore. Any ideas?

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What are the best deep sea fishing guides that aren’t super expensive in Corpus Christi?

I am looking to go to Corpus Christi and do a little deep sea fishing with my dad and I was hoping to find someone with personal experience, or just more knowledge than me, about some good guides that don’t cost more than 100 dollars.

Im not looking for the trip to be more than 5-6 hours

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I am looking for a fish finder that is good quality and not overly expensive? What is a good brand?

I have looked at the hummingbird 565 and since this would be the first fish finder I have bought I want to make sure that I am getting my monies worth. Is there any other recommendations from people who have used different fish finders and what they liked best?

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