Best way to fish with hard plastic lure?

I bought a couple cotton cordell lures, and i’m going to the new york, coney island pier, and I was going to use the lures. They are the ones that rattle. What is the best way to fish with them? Like, Cast, then slowlly reel in, or leave them there, tie a pyramid weight to the bottom and then the lure a little higher, and go to the bottom and slowly reel in, or what? Please help!

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How can I find out when fish stockings are?

Say like in frazier park tait ranch trout ranch? I was fishing there today and got kicked out by the sheriff because the helicoptors had to come and take the water from there to spray at the fire. And whats a good artificial bait that you can throw and reel in for trout like recommended spinners and would tubes work? Thanks

Tight lines

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How to fish in a golf course pond?

I go out at like 3:00 pm (even though i know thats a bad time) and i see fish jumping but i cant catch them. I use a pole with a reel obviously, i have a hook and a glittery green worm attached to it with a weight above it. I dont know if i should use a bobber and if my bait is no good either. I would like a fishing afficianado to help me.

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Im going to Florida and Planning on saltwater fishing. What Fish Should I look to catch?

im Leaving for sarasota florida in two days. Im from NJ and Im not sure what people are catching in florida this time of season besides pompano. What types of fish should i look to catch and what baits should i use to catch them? Thanks

Also Im SALTWATER fishing
i am fishing off land mostly surf fishing (on the beach)

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Is it good to fish where there is heavy foliage for fish?

Lakes around here have lot of foliage and tall grass growing near the bank.
I usually fish from shore and currently is investing in a boat. I’ve been told that large fish love heavy foliage. Thing is I hate loosing my crank baits and spinners in the plant material just to reel in grass. Whats a solution to this??

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