What is a good fishfinder for use in a kayak?

I’m an avid kayak fisherman, and I’d like to add a fishfinder to my boat. The kayak is a polyurethane sit-in model, and I want a fishfinder that is relatively compact with a transducer that can be epoxied to the inside of the hull. The hull is somewhere between 3/16″ and 1/4″ thick.

Color is not an important feature for me, but a grayscale screen would be preferable to strictly black-and-white. The unit does not need an internal battery; I’ll provide power for it. I would like a model that has fairly high wattage to the transducer. A narrow-beam or two-beam transducer is preferable to a wide-beam one, since I’ll be moving slowly and stealthily. The unit does not need a cover, as I’ll be removing it when not in use.

I’m sorry about all of the specifics. If you know of a good unit that’s compatible with kayaks, I’d be interested to know about it even if it doesn’t match all the specifications. I’m more interested in identifying depth, bottom structure, and thermoclines than I am in spotting actual fish, although a unit that reliably can identify suspended fish would be great.

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what type for fishfinder?

i have been looking to purchase a fish finder but dont know which one is better..humminbird vs. furnuno vs. garmin. the furnuno was $1500 while the others were like 200-300$ range, which is best. and the furnuno had a much larger veiwing screen..(dont let price change your opinion on which is best, i dont care how much i have to spend i just want a good one!)


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Help picking out a Fishfinder?

I am looking at quite a few fishfinders…here are my choices for this price range ($150)

Garmin Echo 200 dual beam sonar
Lowerance Elite-4x colored fishfinder
Hummingbird 561 Sonar fishfinder

I don’t know to much about fishfinders…other than Lowerance and Hummingbirds are like the best.

Anyways my price range is around $150 and if you guys have any suggestions please say them…All i need is a nice fishfinder that can really show schools of shad really well.

Also if any of you guys have these fishfinders, feel free to review them so i know which ones are the best

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cheap fishfinder?

I want to get my husband a decent, cheap fishfinder for his birthday, but dont have a clue what features or brands are worth the $$…please suggest a brand/model. I am looking at spending around $100. Also, what is a transducer? I’ve noticed some dont have them or they are broken on the ones for sale on ebay.

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Should i Get a Fishfinder on my Kayak?

Hello. I am 15 years old and i was just given a kayak. I am slowely turning it into a fishing kayak and wondering if i should invest in a fishfinder. This is the fishfinder that i am looking at. http://www.basspro.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product_10151_-1_10001_58748____SearchResults#reviews

Also i am not sure how to install this. What kind of battery am i going to need?? Also i think there is something that sticks to the bottom of my boat if i get a fishfinder. is that going to get ripped off??

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