Best lure and tactics for Fluke fishing?

Anyone know the best lure that has worked phenomenally for catching summer flounder of a pier?
Also, the best rig to go with it.
I’ve been using bucktail jigs, white or green with spearing as a trailer and its worked great, but wondering if theres something better out there.
Also, should I go finesse or or standard pier rod. Finesse definitely has better control and feel.
I have a net so pulling a fat mat is not a issue.
Ok, I’m not looking for “how to fish for fluke”, I know how to fish for them been doing it for years…they love squid, spearing, searobin bellys, jigs, etc. I want to know what is the best of the best lure/bait, example, 20 people on a boat and no one is catching anything but you’re pulling up one every 3 mins. etc, what are you using?

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