What is the best size spinning reel for a 7 foot Ugly stick fishing pole used for saltwater fishing?

I am planning on purchasing a 7 foot Ugly Stick for saltwater fishing. The pole says 20-40 pound line weight. I am planning on catching grouper, sand perch, snapper, etc. What would be the best size spinning reel for this pole? What size line should I be using?

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What is a good fish-finder and/or depth-finder for a 14 foot fishing boat?

Just got a little 14 foot fishing boat and I am looking for a fish or depth-finder for a Father’s day gift for my husband. I know next to nothing about this item, so please help. First, what is the difference between a fish finder and a depth finder and can I get a product that does both. What about having a GPS with it? Primarily fishing in a smaller 9 foot deep lake in Michigan (Lily Lake in Harrison). Any information would be greatly appreciated, such as prices I can expect to pay and where to shop.

I generally have a difficult time finding a great gift for my dear husband and really want to nail it this time. I am looking to spend around $200, but if you have suggestions out of that range, I will check into those, too.

Thanks in advance.

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