Im thinking of a good set up for fresh water bass fishing?

Im thinking of getting a new setup this year and spend some money on getting a good set up instead of just a store made combo.

so ive had the 7’3″ carrot stix medium heavy action casting rod and a shimano cittica 6.4:1 baitcast reel.

has anyone used these or know about baitcast ive never used it but all the pro seem to use baitcast over spinning reels now adays.

im really just looking for good rod and reel combos not looking to spend more that $250 maybe $300 if its great quality

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Are there fishing rods that can be used for both fresh and salt water?

I am new to fishing and am planning on going a couple times with some friends. Some may be freshwater everglades and others could be off a pier. It would be nice if I could get a rod that can be used for both. However, I don’t know rod and reel brands whatsoever. I’m a college student so It would be nice if the rod and reel didn’t exceed $60-70 total.

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Is this a good fresh water fishing reel and rod?

alright i have a abu garcia black max fishing reel and an abu garcia black max powered b4 im6 rod and i was wondering if they were good for fishing in fresh water? please answer and thank you to who ever does.
for those who have answered please dont answer with small responses it doesnt help me one bit all i have gotten is its ok can you maybe recommend something or say what the pros and cons are about it please and thank you

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Boston to Maine: Tips, tricks, and fresh fish…?

In early September I’m going to head out to Boston (first time) for a couple of days, then take a drive up to Portsmouth NH, and finally into Maine. Looking for some suggestions on nice routes, great restaurants, fun sights, and otherwise good information for a trip like this.

In the past, Yahoo! answers members have provided some great info that I wouldn’t have found via the normal travel-guides, and I’m hoping for more of the same. Thanks in advance!

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