What is the most important fishing gear to splurge on?

In your honest opinion, what fishing related items are important to spend money making sure you get “the best”?

I say reel, line, hooks, wet-weather gear and marine battery’s.

Great answer’s everyone!

Chimp D- Well, it depends on where you are. Having good wet weather gear can be important in some States. (You know), I spent most of my life in Florida where a cheap $4 poncho (or doctored garbage bag) was more than adequate for our climate. BUT, after living in MN for 10 years I’d count wet-weather gear as a “Vital”- (lol) Even in the Summer up here, (MN), you could freeze if you didn’t have your ‘gear.

And you are right CD- Having 10 “more expensive” lures, (either Cranks, Jigs, Plastics, Spoons, Etc) can be worth 100’s of poorly designed, non-productive, lures….(and thank you for the blatant plug! Go Swamp Zombie!!! LOL)

Anyone who has spent time rowing a large boat back to the ramp knows how important a decent battery is- (see Grizzlys answer for further info/proof! LOL).

Bobber- Yes, in some instances (Walleye/Sauger esp) having a decent Finder is vital to success. Although, I’m not sure if you need

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What kind of fishing gear should I buy for fishing in the Texas Gulf Coast?

I need brand names, and specs on what kind of equipment to get for fishing in the surf in the Texas Gulf Coast. Namely, rod, reel, line weight, weights, etc…the basics for someone with no equip!!!

I don’t have to have top of the line equipment, but I would like to invest in reasonably priced, good equipment that will last. I am aiming to catch red fish, SW trout, pompano, and other medium sized fish out of the surf.

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What kind of fishing gear should I start with?

I’ve fished before, mostly fresh water from shore, docks, and canoe. I want to buy a rod and reel with some bait this weekend because I’ve wanted to go quite a few times over the summer. So I’m going to head down to Bass Pro but I need some guidance on what I should start with. They do have quite a large selection

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What are your best fishing tips, lures, and gear?

Do you have any ways of catching fish that never fail? Ways that you use when all else fail? I’ll give you mine. My best way to catch trout which almost never fails is to use yellow Powerbait. My best bass lure is a five inch plastic worm with curly tail a size 1/0 offset wide gap hook. I also heard a spinner called the “Midnight Special” is an amazing lure to fish at night for bass. A live worm and a hook will catch just about any freshwater fish.

Those are my surefire ways to catch fish. I do just about every type of fishing, so any kind of lures or tips will work. I am very experienced, and don’t need any beginner tips. I gave you my tricks, now what are yours?

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