Should I Become a Fly Fishing Guide?

Hello all, I am 19 years old, living in Colorado.. I am a college student in Western Colorado. I Love fly fishing an consider my self fairly experienced.. I spend my summers working at a guest ranch in the mountains, and fly fish the Big Thompson almost everyday after work ( during the summer)

anyway, I have always thought working for a fly shop, and becoming a guide sounds like the life..

-any tips for someone looking to get started?
-what are some pros and cons?
– and what does it take to be a successful guide?

Thanks guys!

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Is there much chance of getting a guide to lower $?

I am taking a trip to Savannah GA and want to go inshore fishing(cheap on gas) so all money will be guides. I am willing to go on a Monday, so as not to eat into his weekend, I don’t need help fishing–just want some pointers and some good fishing places. The price is for up to 3 people and I am alone.
With the economy, I was hoping he would be willing to take less to get a client. I don’t expect to go for free. It is $325 for 4 hrs…I was thinking 200 – 225? What do y’all think?
That is $50 an hour cash in his hand vs nothing on a Monday possibly
Alex, if it were a bigger boat , I would not expect it to be cheaper, (INSHORE) maybe a 21 ft whaler style boat–hell ,we can take my boat if he will tell me where to fish.
And Alex…a 20% tip is more proper

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Can anyone give me the name of the best guide in Brazil along the Amazon River for big peacock bass?

My girlfriend’s parents (soon to be In-laws) have decided to purchase my girl and I a 1-week trip to Brazil for our honeymoon in late April/early May. Her parents know of my facination with bass fishing and all 3 of them have conspired against me to put this trip together. I get to fish for peacock bass and she gets to lounge around in a bikini.

Sophia’s parents left me in charge of finding the BEST guide service I can find, no matter what the price. I don’t want to take advantage of this and get the most expensive, but I don’t want a bad guide either. Should the most expensive happen to be the best, then so be it.

If you could be so kind as to leave a link if you can, name of the guide service, names of the guides and boat captains, location, telephone number, and whatever other information you’ll be so kind as to leave for me. Thanks a lot in advance.
Preferred targeted species are speckled peacock bass, butterfly peacock bass, and royal peacock bass.
Just a heads up, expect several peacock bass themed questions to be popping up throughout the week!

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Guide to Tuna Fishing in the Hudson Canyon?

We’re going on our first deep sea fishing trip to the hudson canyon off NY and we we’re wondering how we need to prepare and what to bring and if their are any special fishing spots that anyone knows. We have a 27 and a half foot long boston whaler 255 conquest with 5 rod holders. We were wondering what type of lure to use and how fast to troll and what to bring. I think were fine on fuel because we have a 150 gallon tank. Can anyone help us

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Where is the best place and the best guide in Florida for swordfish fishing?

One of the items on my husbands “Bucket List” is to go out to do some Swordfish fishing in the Florida Keys. I would really like to get some insight from someone in the Florida region as to where is the best place to go in the Keys and one of the best guides for Swordfish. His 39th birthday is coming up on March 31st and I would love to purchase a trip to Florida for some fun, sun and fishing. We live in Houston so I am completely unaware of the best places to go.

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I need a private Fishing Guide in Port Aransas! please help?

im suprising someone who loves to fish and when we come down to port aransas in June i want to take him on a fishing trip BUT i dont want to go on the BARF CAT or the DOLPHINE DOCKS! i dont want a million people to be right next to him. so if you have any info and you know some one who doesnt charge to much PLEASE tell ME!!!!!!

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