Halibut fishing tips?

I surf and pier fish alot and I’ve caught alot and all sorts of fish from the surf and pier. But the only thing I have never caught but really want to us a halibut!!!!!! I never caught one the entire time I’ve been fishing but I really want to. I’ve caught sharks and stuff on sardines but a halibut never bit on my bait. So now that I got a kayak, I think I could catch one know if I go a little up further I think I could get one. Most likely I’ll be fishing in my yak off Santa Barbara pier I guess I’ll get some live sardines and Mack’s while I’m heading out to my spot. Now I need some tips from you guys on where to find them and what to use and the rigs, setup I should use, rod and reel, bait, and anything else would help. I got a fish finder too so I can find em would that he a good idea to use it to locate halibut cause their like buried in the sand but won’t it differ on my grayline? That’s the line that tells you what kind of cover is on the bottom ( if sandy there will be less grey if hard or rocky there will be more gray). So should I drift? Still fish? Anything helps and if you guys give me a spot to try that would e awesome. Thanks

Tight lines

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