Heard about the 130 stranded ice fishermen saturday?

On Saturday 2/7/09 there were 130 fishermen that got stranded and had to be rescued from lake Erie. One unfortunate man died after falling in, the rest were saved. They were warned not to go out, they all had to cross a 1 foot gap to get onto the ice. By the time some one tried to head for shore, an 8 mile wide piece of ice had separated from the Ohio shore and that 1 foot gap was now 100 feet. These guys had all kinds of equipment like four wheelers, shantys, power augers, fish finders, tackle, not to mention what they had caught. They all had to leave all their equipment when rescued by hydroplane or helicopter. Many were reported to be back today trying to salvage their equipment. Here is my question…

What would the legality be if other people had went and got that stuff. There was a couple hundred thousand dollars of equipment out there or more. I have heard of some maritime law about something being fair game if abandoned at sea, usually a boat or ship, but in this case ice fishing equipment. What is your opinion or knowledge? Sorry the question is so long, but I thought it was an interesting story if you havn’t heard it yet. Thanks in advance to all who answer. I’m going to leave this one up for a while.

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Anybody ever heard of this fishing reel or know its value?

My boyfriend was helping an elderly lady clean out an old storage building, and while they were loading junk on his truck he stumbled across and old fishing reel. It looks sort of like an old fly reel, and it has a black and gold plate on it that says “Continental Deluxe 351″ I have tried looking it up online, but I can’t find anything about it. The woman gave it to him, but he doesn’t know if it has any value and whether he should hold onto it. Any one have an idea of how old it is and if it is worth anything?

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Have you heard this one ?

Ok , a Cardinal leaves the Vatican to go on a fishing trip . He catches a fish and his guide says ” thats a big Son of a B*tch !” The Cardinal says ” Excuse me ? ”
” thats the name of that type of fish , Son of a Bitch fish.” said the guide .” Oh , Ok then ” says the Cardinal.Then the Cardinal returns with a whole bucket of fish and he tells a nun ” Go clean these Son of a B*tches and have the fryer cook them for dinner tonight with the pope .” The nun gasps ” father !”
” thats the name of that type of fish , Son of a Bitch fish. ” said the Cardinal. So the nun cleans them and take them to the Fryer and tells him ” Cardinal said to cook these Son of a B*tches .”
” sister ! ” said the Fryer .” thats the name of that type of fish , Son of a Bitch fish.” said the nun. So later at dinner , the pope says ” these are wonderful ”
” I caught the Son of a bitch” said the Cardinal .
” I cleaned the Son of a bitch ” said the nun.
” I cooked the son of a bitch ” said the Fryer
Then the poepe looks at them and smiles ” You f*ckers are alright with me .”
POPE* ( Dammit )

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