Can someone help me set up my fishing pole correctly?

I have never set a pole up from the beginning and just bought a new rod and reel. It is already set with the line, but I want to know how and where on the line do I put the sinker and those little details that will make me ready to go. Thanks
I would mainly be trout and bass fishing maining with night crawlers, at a lake or creek.

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Need some fishing help got a couple questions…?

So im taking this test for work…and i need a little help with these questions….here we go..

#1 In fly fishing what is the difference between double taper and weight forward fly line?

#2 What is the main feature and benefit of the new lightweight fishing waders?

#3 what is the main benefits of the spectra type line that leads to it recent popularity?

#4 what are the benefits of fiberglass and graftif rods?

#5 what is the main advantage of a felt sole wader?

#6 What technology enable fish finders to work effectively?

#7 What are the benefits of color in fishing lures?

Thanks in advance

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Basic Ice Fishing Questions. Please help. Going out for my first time….?

I am an avid fisherman. However, I have never been ice fishing. I totally got hooked up for Christmas and I couldn’t be more excited. I have all the essentials including a great selection of jigs. I know I can just “google” some ice fishing tips, but some personalized answers from experienced anglers would be much appreciated. So I will post a few basic (and ignorant) questions below that I would love to have answered.

1) Safety. When do I know the ice is safe enough to go out?
2) Location of holes. I am getting a four man shanty. Do you drill the holes parallel with each other or can you do a “four corners” type thing? For example… if you can do the “four corners”, would it be safe to step in the “t” shape (middle) left in the ice?
3) Bait and jigs. What are good baits and jigs to use? Do minnows or night crawlers work well? How about tipped on a jig? (there are walleye, crappie, large mouth and smallies in the lake I will be fishing)
4) Other essential equipment. I know I am going to get out there for the first time and be like “Sh!t, I forgot the…” What crap am I gonna forget that I need to bring?

So, yeah. Any advice would be much appreciated. I have the epuipment, a case of beer and some fresh herbs just waiting to hot box the sh!t out of my shanty. I can’t wiat!
Let me be a little more clear on the location of holes. Basically, what is a safe distance between holes without weakening the ice? Or is such a mass quantity of ice not going to weaken? I just don’t want to step between some close holes and fall through. You smell what I steppin’ in?

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Any big time fishing guys out there? I need help with a christmas gift?

I’m going to get my boyfriend some top of the line fishing bait and gear as part of his christmas. I fish a lot with him but I’m not sure of the best of the best. I’m looking into buying from Basspro Cabelas online. What would be some top of the line bait and or gear to get him. We live in Louisiana and have no boat as of now. If that helps any. Your help is much appreciaited.

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Fish finder questions help….?

Now I know what your thinking… He needs help buying one… Thats not the case…

See I was watching an old 90s cartoon hoping to feel nostalgia… now I was getting to 1 specific episode and the cartoon is really really childlike. now.. two of the sota main characters were fishing and they had what looked to be sonar fish finders on their rods…

Now since this was a kids show back in the 90s (Y7) I am curious. Are these real? I mean since the show could easily make stuff up you know… so small fish finders that you mount on a side opposite the reel?


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Mounting a fish finder on a fly fishing pontoon boat need help?

I have a Eagle Cuda portable fish finder and I want to mount it on my single man pontoon boat but I am at a loss on how to do it. My pontoon is a fishcat 9 and the seat sits out of the water. I know I need to mount the transducer under the water then I need to figure out how to mount the finder itself where it will not be in the way for casting rowing and kicking. Any of you have any suggestions or pics of similar setups that may help?

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