What is the most important fishing gear to splurge on?

In your honest opinion, what fishing related items are important to spend money making sure you get “the best”?

I say reel, line, hooks, wet-weather gear and marine battery’s.

Great answer’s everyone!

Chimp D- Well, it depends on where you are. Having good wet weather gear can be important in some States. (You know), I spent most of my life in Florida where a cheap $4 poncho (or doctored garbage bag) was more than adequate for our climate. BUT, after living in MN for 10 years I’d count wet-weather gear as a “Vital”- (lol) Even in the Summer up here, (MN), you could freeze if you didn’t have your ‘gear.

And you are right CD- Having 10 “more expensive” lures, (either Cranks, Jigs, Plastics, Spoons, Etc) can be worth 100’s of poorly designed, non-productive, lures….(and thank you for the blatant plug! Go Swamp Zombie!!! LOL)

Anyone who has spent time rowing a large boat back to the ramp knows how important a decent battery is- (see Grizzlys answer for further info/proof! LOL).

Bobber- Yes, in some instances (Walleye/Sauger esp) having a decent Finder is vital to success. Although, I’m not sure if you need

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How important is the rod/reel when fishing?

Well my friend dished out $900 for a fishing rod. People always say how a good rod is very important. But in my opinion it has little importance. Of course you need a good enough rod to get the fish on the beach, but a rod won’t make the fish bite.

Is there something I’m not seein about how the rod is important?
I fish with a 25 dollar walmart rod… it works the same as any other rod.

Your opinions?
Its was a 300 st croix rod, and a 600 reel,

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