What fishing rod and reel would you recommend for someone that is getting into fishing?

I’m either going for an open face or a baitcaster.
I will be the rod and reel separate.
What is a good rod and reel for open face
and what is a good one for baitcaster.

(I dont want a cheap 20 dollar.) About 50-100 on the rod and about the same for the reel

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Salt has gotten into my fishing reel. How do I get it out?

My cousin borrowed my rod for the summer when I went to California for a program. When I came back I had found that he had been fishing in the surf with it but had not properly washed it and soaked it in water after every trip. Now the reel won’t turn when I try. Is there something I can do to fix it or is it a total loss?

It is a spinning reel.
I have tried soaking it but it didn’t work. If I were to disassemble it, how would the process to clean it?

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