What kind of fishing rod should I get?

I would like to get my dad a fishing rod for Father’s Day, because you know he LOVES fishing and isn’t able to go fishing like he used to anymore. He’s no expert fisher man, but he does know how to use a fishing rod, so which one should I buy? Any websites selling fishing rods would be fantastic.

Thanks in advance
I know it’s mother’s day I’ve taken care of her gift.

Anything at $100 and below. :)

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What are the best kind of rod and reels for bass fishing?

I’ve recently became kind of addicted to fishing. And I need all new gear because I realized I need to quit going so cheapy on my gear after I broke two reels this weekend fishing. So any suggestions would be appreciated. I have a budget of about $150 for 2 rods. Give or take. Any info would be appreciated.

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What kind of fishing gear should I buy for fishing in the Texas Gulf Coast?

I need brand names, and specs on what kind of equipment to get for fishing in the surf in the Texas Gulf Coast. Namely, rod, reel, line weight, weights, etc…the basics for someone with no equip!!!

I don’t have to have top of the line equipment, but I would like to invest in reasonably priced, good equipment that will last. I am aiming to catch red fish, SW trout, pompano, and other medium sized fish out of the surf.

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