How far should I be able to cast a line with a baitcast reel.

I have been using spinning reels for over 20 years, but got into using baitcast reels because I am looking into catching bass and stuff. Well, when i cast my line using my baitcast reel it only goes about 20 yrds. Is that usual or should be it be way more? If anyone has any tips or anything please let me know. I have been using a rapala DT04 due to it carrying a little more weight so my cast is a little further.

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Do i need to replace my fishing line?

I left my rod and reel outside over the winter. I live in PA so we get snow and rain. I’m sure it got wet, but when i cats the reel seems to be okay. It was in an overhang by my house so it was in the shade at all time (no UV damage)What I’m wondering is do i need to replace my line if it has been unused and wet for a couple of months.

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How to put in new fishing line?

I’m gonna try fishing for carps, my question is how do I remove and store the line I have on the reel, and how do I replace it with the 25lb line that I want to use? On that note what’s the best bait to use for carps? Any tips you like to share?

PS: I just got my fishing license 2 days ago, so pardon my dumb questions.

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