Im going to Florida and Planning on saltwater fishing. What Fish Should I look to catch?

im Leaving for sarasota florida in two days. Im from NJ and Im not sure what people are catching in florida this time of season besides pompano. What types of fish should i look to catch and what baits should i use to catch them? Thanks

Also Im SALTWATER fishing
i am fishing off land mostly surf fishing (on the beach)

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When purchasing a Fishing Reel, what should I look for?

Thanks for all the answers, I’ve been fishing since I was about 3. But my dad couldn’t explain to me about some of the particulars on the reels. I did notice the higher the bearings the smoother the reeling is. I didn;t know what some of the things on the reel meant. And it’s just for White Bass fishing, nothing major, I’m just starting my gear collection.

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What are some things I should look for in a spinning reel fishing rod?

What should I be looking for in a spinning reel? What are important things that I should look for?

Also, what is the little switch on the reel that says ‘on’ and ‘off’?
And just one more thing, is there any way to make the handle that you rotate on the right side? I’m used to have having it on the right since I was used to a push-button rod before.

Thanks for any help.

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What should i look for when buying a new fishing rod?

I am looking to upgrade but my budget is only 40-50 dollars for a rod. i saw at my local gander mountain, and i saw a rod that had 6-7 ball bearings but it was a spinning rod but i saw another rod that was a bait casting rod but it was only 3 ball bearings. what is the difference? i had a spinning rod but i want to change to a bait casting rod. What should i get?

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What do I look for in a pier and beach fishing rod?

I have a rod that is very bendy, (It bends from the butt to the tip).
I have caught on it but was advised to get a stiffer rod for casting and also for lifting fish caught from a pier.What sort of things do I check when buying another rod?
There seems to be an amazing choice of rods.
My price limit would be about £60.
I also need a new reel. Again about £60.
Any advice would be welcome

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What to look for in a “TROUT” FLY FISHING ROD?

Im looking in to start fly fishing for trout. Mostly on lakes. I dont know much about setups to use. I know theres different weights, lengths, ect. What would be the right setup to use for trout (Mostly smaller trout ranging from 1-2lbs). Im Looking for length of rod, leader length, type of leader,reel or reel size, and anything else i might need to know. Thanks for your help.

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