What are your best fishing tips, lures, and gear?

Do you have any ways of catching fish that never fail? Ways that you use when all else fail? I’ll give you mine. My best way to catch trout which almost never fails is to use yellow Powerbait. My best bass lure is a five inch plastic worm with curly tail a size 1/0 offset wide gap hook. I also heard a spinner called the “Midnight Special” is an amazing lure to fish at night for bass. A live worm and a hook will catch just about any freshwater fish.

Those are my surefire ways to catch fish. I do just about every type of fishing, so any kind of lures or tips will work. I am very experienced, and don’t need any beginner tips. I gave you my tricks, now what are yours?

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I have just bought a fishing rod, reel, 8lb line, floats and lures, what goes on the line first etc?

I know how to tie knots etc, I’m just a bit unsure of how I set up the line, I am going fishing for trout, my rod is set up and the line is through the last eye on the rod, can someone tell me what gets tied on first? (bubble I think, then 2nd etc etc)

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what are the best lures for fishing for redfish and snook off the beach in sanibel/captiva?

Im going to Sanibel this weekend for a week I want to know more about refish and snook and what are the best and most effectvie ways of cathing them. Last year I used live bait, but id like to also try lures. If anyone knows some spots that would be great.

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