How many feel we are getting way to?

Technical in our sporting equipment?
Reels with computer chips to control back lashes, side view sonar, etc.
Rifle scopes with range finding abilities and being able to show you the drop of the bullet.
Come on I might be 60 but still consider hunting and fishing a sport.
With all the tech stuff showing up on the market pretty soon your reel will do everything, what fun is that going to be?
Granted both my boats have GPS/Fish Finders and most of my reels are not cheap. But if this keeps up where will the fun and the sport of chase be left.
Our waters and lands are being pressure way to much as it is.
Be well my friends
Very Good Answers so far, nice to see their are some sporting people left.
Gimman part of what you stated is why I quite fishing T’s and the political aspect that started emerging. It no longer was fun and/or relaxing.

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