What is the most important fishing gear to splurge on?

In your honest opinion, what fishing related items are important to spend money making sure you get “the best”?

I say reel, line, hooks, wet-weather gear and marine battery’s.

Great answer’s everyone!

Chimp D- Well, it depends on where you are. Having good wet weather gear can be important in some States. (You know), I spent most of my life in Florida where a cheap $4 poncho (or doctored garbage bag) was more than adequate for our climate. BUT, after living in MN for 10 years I’d count wet-weather gear as a “Vital”- (lol) Even in the Summer up here, (MN), you could freeze if you didn’t have your ‘gear.

And you are right CD- Having 10 “more expensive” lures, (either Cranks, Jigs, Plastics, Spoons, Etc) can be worth 100’s of poorly designed, non-productive, lures….(and thank you for the blatant plug! Go Swamp Zombie!!! LOL)

Anyone who has spent time rowing a large boat back to the ramp knows how important a decent battery is- (see Grizzlys answer for further info/proof! LOL).

Bobber- Yes, in some instances (Walleye/Sauger esp) having a decent Finder is vital to success. Although, I’m not sure if you need

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What is the most reliable salt water reel for under $70?

My previous reel broke down even though I washed it etc., so I’m looking for a super reliable salt water reel for under $70 – I’m broke :(. Anyway, I would like it to be able to hold 200m (218y) of 6.8kg (15lb) test monofilament (0.45mm diameter). It needs to be able to cope with tiny whiting up to like 15kg snappers and barramundi etc. So yeah! Reliable, easy to clean, large spool size. Also spinning reel. Saltwater. Thanks in advance!

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Fishing bass bluegill lures: What do you think is the most common asked question by beginner fisher men/women?

Im going to say everyday I see a question “whats the best lure” it gets kind of old and anoying but what would you say is most asked by beginners?

Oh my goodness I put those tags so yahoo doesnt put this in words and wordplay.

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