How to catch fish in my neighborhood pond?

Hi guys. I’m 14, and I have a small pond in my neighborhood that I’ve been fishing in for probably 10 years ever since I was a kid. I love fishing, and for the majority of my time fishing at the neighborhood pond (I’d say it’s about the size of a football field with a max depth of about 5-7ft), we caught a lot of fish. I remember one trip where we caught about 15 catfish total in probably about 2 hours. We also caught various panfish and largemouth bass. However, in the past 2 years, I have maybe caught 1 or 2 fish. I KNOW they are there though, because just a week ago I was walking along the ledge and spotted about 10 good size largemouth bass in the shallow water. I know they are there, but I need tips on how to catch them. Again, my pond consists of largemouth bass, panfish, catfish, and even 2 large koi fish.
Pond Layout:
The pond has is connected to a creek on one side that, when there is a good amount of rain, flows directly into the pond. On the opposite side is a dam for when the water overflows. In the middle of the pond is a large fountain as well.
The temperature will be fair, about 60-70 degrees, and we are fishing starting at about 6-7pm. Any tips and tricks on how to catch fish in this neighborhood pond are greatly appreciated! Also, if anybody has any tips about being a better fisherman in general, I am open to any suggestions!
Last thing, I use spincast and baitcast reels, if that is important

Thank you!

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