Is it possible for bass to never reach the 12″ length?

Please read this explanation:There is a man made pond that was once a nice little fishing spot for baby bass and catfish. Now too many people have seen us fish it and it has become pretty crowded with people who don’t respect catch and release. The pond has been holding fish for about two or three years now and the bass have not grown one bit. They are all small enough to grip completely with one hand around the width of them. What factors do you think are making these bass not grow at all? Do you think that there are still a few big ones in there? If so, how would I go about locating those ones since they must be spooked. The place is too small for a large boat really but paddle boats can fit comfortably so depth finders are out of the picture. I don’t think there is really alot of structure and cover in the pond either. If there is any good sized ones where would they be holding in a place like this. And if there isnt any, then why? Is there a way I can change this?

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