Which work better in YOUR opinion?

Which is more efficient/effective in enticing fish,hard or soft body lipless cranks?


sorry again in your experience which is better at enticing fish.
No swimbaits are a lure of an entire different breed. I mean literal soft bodied lipless cranks
I replace my trebles on hard or soft lures allready equippd with them, and attatch single barb pinched hooks…

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What in your opinion is the best fishing rod , fishing line , fishing lure and fishing hook?

Every year I go freshwater fishing and there’s always this one fish that either snaps my fishing line or almost breaks my fishing rod so I have to let it go and also what fishing hook do you have the most success with because I can’t seem to catch a lot of fish but when I do their really hard to lure in
I fish for walleye and northern pike
For the fishing hook as in a fishing lure

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