What type of Fishing rod would be perfect for a Penn 220 GTO level wind reel?

I have heard of spinning, and bait-cast, surf, jetty and other types of rods. But for my new Penn reel (220 GTO Level wind) what brand and type should I use. Something affordable like $50-60. Please give the full name of the Rod, Power and Action Leval.Thank You.

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What’s the perfect fish finder for me?

I have a small 15′ boat and I fish in lakes and rivers (occasionally Lake Michigan).

I usually anchor and cast–no trolling.

I fish for bass, pike, and perch if it matters.

I do NOT want a portable one (bad experiences in the past), or some piece of crap, but I also have a price cap of about $200.

I’ve done some research, but I can’t decide which one suits me. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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Follow-up question about perfect gift lol, regarding fishfinders?

I’m looking into getting a fishfinder as a birthday gift for a fisherman, but is it likely that he already has one? What I mean is, are they popular and is it standard for most people who fish to own one? I would like to try to avoid spending the money on something he probably already has, if that is possible. Thanks again!

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whats the perfect setting for drag on a fishing rod when your fishing 3 pound bass or smaller?

also..how do you get the fish out of the water when you have the drag high on the rod doesnt the line keep coming out of the reel so you cant get the fish out unless you grab the line? and do you have the turn the handle of the reel to set the hook on a fish? if you just pull up the rod would it do anything since there is drag on the line?

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