Im going to Florida and Planning on saltwater fishing. What Fish Should I look to catch?

im Leaving for sarasota florida in two days. Im from NJ and Im not sure what people are catching in florida this time of season besides pompano. What types of fish should i look to catch and what baits should i use to catch them? Thanks

Also Im SALTWATER fishing
i am fishing off land mostly surf fishing (on the beach)

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Where to Trout fish in Tennessee? I am planning a Tennessee fly-fishing trip need a good location.?

A few friends are going fly-fishing in Tennessee but need a good location to go. Wild trout streams would be great but will consider a stocked stream. We are also taking the families so a few will want other daytime activities. We will be doing a self-guided fishing trip, will be camping but have thought of a cabin if available. Maybe 10 people total with two kids. I have need to fight a wild trout on a hand tied fly.

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