NEED FISHING BOAT USED 18FEET OR LESS TOP PRICE $3,000 fromsan diego,ca area?

i am a first time boat owner looking for an inexpensive fishing vessel with fish finder,trolling motor, possibly live well (optionable), 50HP UPWARD OUTBOARD ENGINE in good condiction.Iam a thrice wounded vietnam Marine Corps vet trying to find peace in my final years by being on the water, fishing.Will you please help? “SEMPER FI” ES SPIRIT DE CORPS 1959-1973

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Is a fishing rod at £9 from B&M gonna be crap just because of the price?

I found a £9 fishing rod from B&M and it came with all the hucks and reel. I’m a beginner so i don’t want a fancy fishing rod. My mum says that just cause its £9 its gonna be crap is this true or is it worth buying?

P.S. I cant find it on the website but i saw lots of them in store.

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where to go deep sea fishing in daytona beach for good price?

I wanted to go deep sea fishing in the Daytona beach area for a good price. I’m taking a few kids and we just wanted to have some fun without paying a lot. I looked up some charters online but most are asking for $100+ and go for the full day. I’m just looking for something for half of the day and has a price that’s less than $100

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