Ice fishing flasher question?

I found this old Lowrance fish lo-k-tor lfp-300 in my garage and is missing the transducer. I’ve been looking for days on how to get one. I’ve searched all over Google, Amazon, and Ebay but no luck. I even looked on the Lowrance website but didn’t find anything. I even looked on craigslist but still didn’t find any. Please Help!

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Fishing bass bluegill lures: What do you think is the most common asked question by beginner fisher men/women?

Im going to say everyday I see a question “whats the best lure” it gets kind of old and anoying but what would you say is most asked by beginners?

Oh my goodness I put those tags so yahoo doesnt put this in words and wordplay.

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What is the correct way to wind line onto a spinning reel? (Fishing question)?

My previous attempt to wind line onto a spinning reel ended in tangles and knots. Is there a correct direction that I should wind the line? I’m using 8lb Berkley Trilene line on a new Shimano Solstace 4000fi reel.
Hey! I’m surprised I got this many replies.

I will give some of these suggestions a try tomorrow, and report back.

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Fish Finder and GPS Question?

Right now I have a fishfinder/depth finder on my boat (garmin fishfinder 240). and i’m interested in getting a gps for my boat to follow the weedlines and stuff. I’ve been looking at some lowrances and they seem like what i want i think. most of the pics show the gps of like the ocean. so i’m wondering if the will show all the lakes like in MN… also should i get a GPS unit solo or should i get one that has the split screen gps/depthfinder/fishfinder?

please help me on what gps i should get and why!!!!

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I need some advice on some stuff i saw at dicks can you help long question…?

I am looking for some cool things to get my fiance for fathers day(he’s the father of my child) I was thinking of a few things and was wondering if anyone has had any opinions on them…whether it’s a waste of money or not. First of all there’s a wireless fishfinder that goes on your wrist like a watch it’s like $60 and then they have scales and i was wondering which one would be better a digital or regular…and i was thinking about a pair of waders but i’m wondering if they’ll get in the way of his commando fishing styles(last time we were knee deep in mud fishing from the waterline…there’s not a doubt in my mind he’d dive in for a they make you stick in the mud more like shoes do?and last but not least is a
seahawk400kit*over11ft, three air chamber design, includes oars, pump, oar holders and fish pole holder good (like worth $70)?
Hey Dj I said the stores name was Dicks not that i wanted opinions from Dicks. I didnt ask you to say anything about my child you piece

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Follow-up question about perfect gift lol, regarding fishfinders?

I’m looking into getting a fishfinder as a birthday gift for a fisherman, but is it likely that he already has one? What I mean is, are they popular and is it standard for most people who fish to own one? I would like to try to avoid spending the money on something he probably already has, if that is possible. Thanks again!

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