What fishing rod and reel would you recommend for someone that is getting into fishing?

I’m either going for an open face or a baitcaster.
I will be the rod and reel separate.
What is a good rod and reel for open face
and what is a good one for baitcaster.

(I dont want a cheap 20 dollar.) About 50-100 on the rod and about the same for the reel

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What fishing rod would you recommend for chain pickerel, LM Bass, Channal catfish, etc?

I am getting back into fishing and i need a rod that can hold up these kinds of fish. the pike were i live are about 2 to 3 feet long and about 3 to 4 pounds at the biggest, but give a fight. please give a link to what you would recommend if possible.

Thank you,

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Can anyone recommend a good beach in Florida where there is deep-sea fishing?

I’m looking for a place in Florida that has a nice beach, with hotels right on the beach, and one of those deep-sea charter boats where you pay per person and they provide fishing rod and bait, etc. I’m from Florida and looking for a nice place to bring my boyfriend fishing for a 1st anniversary present. Something other than St. Pete area, because we’ve been there before… maybe on the East coast? Also, some place where we can go to nice restaurants at night, and with a pier or something… I know this is quite specific but any advice would help! Thanks!

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