What to use when fishing for Channel Catfish on the Snake river in WA?

The cats in the river I believe are channel cats. I will be bank fishing. What type of pole do I need? reel? line? lure? bait?

I’ve fished for trout/steelhead/salmon/sturgeon in the past so I’m not new to fishing I’m just new to fishing for cats.

I am also a college student so I cant spend too much money but I also want something that won’t snap after a couple of times using it. Any suggestions?

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What type/size of a fishing rod/reel will i need to fish with on the Susquehanna River?

I want to know how big of a rod i will need, and how big of a line i will need to catch catfishfish,musky,carp,and smallmouth bass in the Susquehanna river. I’d like to keep it cheap, and i’d like to stick with Shakespeare Rods..

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What type of reel to use when fishing Kings in the Kenai river?

I am fishing the Kenai river this summer (end of June), just wondering what reel would be best suited to do this. I plan on wading in the river, no boat fishing (maybe a little bank fishing on some deep spots). I am getting an ugly stick 8.5′ rod, but for a reel I am still up in the air. I have a Shimano Torium 20, would that work for this type of fishing? Also, how does this reel cast, the fishing guy at Dicks Sporting Goods said it casts really well, but you never know with those guys. Thanks

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Can anyone give me the name of the best guide in Brazil along the Amazon River for big peacock bass?

My girlfriend’s parents (soon to be In-laws) have decided to purchase my girl and I a 1-week trip to Brazil for our honeymoon in late April/early May. Her parents know of my facination with bass fishing and all 3 of them have conspired against me to put this trip together. I get to fish for peacock bass and she gets to lounge around in a bikini.

Sophia’s parents left me in charge of finding the BEST guide service I can find, no matter what the price. I don’t want to take advantage of this and get the most expensive, but I don’t want a bad guide either. Should the most expensive happen to be the best, then so be it.

If you could be so kind as to leave a link if you can, name of the guide service, names of the guides and boat captains, location, telephone number, and whatever other information you’ll be so kind as to leave for me. Thanks a lot in advance.
Preferred targeted species are speckled peacock bass, butterfly peacock bass, and royal peacock bass.
Just a heads up, expect several peacock bass themed questions to be popping up throughout the week!

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