Would a wilderness survival school/ vacation in Alaska draw people from the lower 48?

I see people spend $2000 for a couple days with photography, fishing or scenic guide trips. Do you think some would spend $2000 for a 5 or 6 day primitive survival skills/camping/hiking vacation all gear provided?
A few locals I know are throwing around this idea. And depending on how it actually attracts people I might invest in their idea.
So would this fly? And do you have any suggestions? I know they have this all over the lower 48 but wouldn’t the scenery and abundant wildlife make Alaska a bit more interesting?
Ok for location let’s say it’s next to Glacier Bay not far from the state capital Juneau. You would be in or near the Tongass National forest area with huge old growth trees and the maritime environment. So lots of eagles, bears, orcas and whales around you.
My question is would some people enjoy that? Not the costs I am up on that. I undestand you have to feed them well and make it fun and safe.
Im just looking at the ‘survival man’ show fans and people who like adventure. And who wouldnt like to camp on a beach with fresh shrimp and crab cooking next to a big fire under the stars on a nice summer night.

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Notes From School

Notes From School
LI Naturalist Jackie Scharfenberg will lead a fishing skills rodeo at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, July 27, at Ripon Public Library, 120 Jefferson St. Scharfenberg will teach casting skills, discuss fish behavior and explain natural fish habitats. The rodeo will include games like fill the tackle box and hands-on activities, including knot tying. The event is free.

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