What kind of fishing rod should I get?

I would like to get my dad a fishing rod for Father’s Day, because you know he LOVES fishing and isn’t able to go fishing like he used to anymore. He’s no expert fisher man, but he does know how to use a fishing rod, so which one should I buy? Any websites selling fishing rods would be fantastic.

Thanks in advance
I know it’s mother’s day I’ve taken care of her gift.

Anything at $100 and below. :)

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how often should i oil and grease my spinning reel?

Hi i have a couple of reels that i use for saltwater fishing…after im done fishing the only thing i ever do is wash them down with a hose. thats it ive had these reels for a couple of years now and no one has ever told me to oil and grease them btw its a shimano baitrunner 8000d and a penn reel. please give me some tips i hope its not too late!

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My neighbor just gave me a penn 310 gti levelwind reel. What should I use this reel for?

My neighbor just gave me a penn 310 gti levelwind reel. What should I use this reel for? I put 50 pound braid on it for shark and tarpon on the beach and bottom fishing for grouper offshore. Has anyone used one? If so, could you tell me what you used it for? How well it performed? Thanks!

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How far should I be able to cast a line with a baitcast reel.

I have been using spinning reels for over 20 years, but got into using baitcast reels because I am looking into catching bass and stuff. Well, when i cast my line using my baitcast reel it only goes about 20 yrds. Is that usual or should be it be way more? If anyone has any tips or anything please let me know. I have been using a rapala DT04 due to it carrying a little more weight so my cast is a little further.

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What rod should I use with a Abu-Garcia 5500 open-faced baitcasting reel?

I just acquired an Abu-Garcia 5500 open-faced baitcasting reel, and am going to be fishing for northern pike, river catfish, etc…. What kind of rod should I buy? A casting rod I suppose? What brand should I buy, I heard St. Croix is pretty good? Can anybody provide with tech spec of what I am looking for? I am a novice fisherman new to all of this. Thanks!

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Im going to Florida and Planning on saltwater fishing. What Fish Should I look to catch?

im Leaving for sarasota florida in two days. Im from NJ and Im not sure what people are catching in florida this time of season besides pompano. What types of fish should i look to catch and what baits should i use to catch them? Thanks

Also Im SALTWATER fishing
i am fishing off land mostly surf fishing (on the beach)

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Which of these spinner reels should I get?

I’m planning on buying my first fishing rod soon. I don’t really have any specific fish I’m going for, but I want to be able to get trout, bass, whatever I can sink a hook into.
Anyway, I’ve decided to get a reel on the shimano ix line. Any thoughts on whether I should get a 1000 or a 2000? I don’t really want to overdo it, but I am leaning towards a medium 6′ ugly Stik rod.
Any help would be appreciated.

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