Which Fishing line should I put on my Quantum Code bait caster?

I have a Quantum Code bait casting reel on a 7 foot rod. I will use this reel for freshwater largemouth bass fishing (topwater, and crank baits) I was wondering which line I should use?
Either 1) Monofilament
2) Fluorocarbon
3) Braid
And if you would, please recommend the brand of the line you’d choose. Thanks.

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What kind of fishing gear should I buy for fishing in the Texas Gulf Coast?

I need brand names, and specs on what kind of equipment to get for fishing in the surf in the Texas Gulf Coast. Namely, rod, reel, line weight, weights, etc…the basics for someone with no equip!!!

I don’t have to have top of the line equipment, but I would like to invest in reasonably priced, good equipment that will last. I am aiming to catch red fish, SW trout, pompano, and other medium sized fish out of the surf.

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How long is fishing line good for, when should it be replaced?

I’m getting set to go out to lake erie with my son. I found my fishing pole which hasn’t been used for about 5 to 10 years. The line on the reel seems like it is still in good shape and strong. Should I replace it, or will I be fine with what’s on there?
Leaving soon so please be quick to respond. Thanks…
I’m on it. Thanks for the help folks. Lake Erie yellow perch selling at 14.95 a pound here. Here we come!

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What is the best fishing supplies i should get?

I have been fishing with my mate and his Dad and have realy liked it so i want to get my own fishing supplies instead of having to use theirs. What is the best supplies i can get for surface fishing and ground fishing. I would like to know the best floats i can buy, best hooks, best weights, best line, best reel, best rod, best pole (if you think neccissary) and best bait. and all of the other things you think i might need. Thanks :D

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What are ONE good reason you should start bass fishing, and one good reason why you should not?

Why you should start.

It’s one of the most fun, and enjoyable activities that i can think of. You have a chance of fishing for the most prized gamefish in America.

Why you shouldn’t.

SOME bass anglers have cocky attitudes, which will make you wanna pull your hair out. And the pulse of wanting to have the best boat, lures, and reels will make a hole in your wallet.

Come on, speak your mind.
Damn, Tarheel i should have thought of that one.

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What rod should I buy if I’m fishing for barbel?

I’m 15 and have been pleasure fishing for smallish carp since I was about 8. I want to start barbel fishing on the river loddon near to where I live but seeing as my tackle is all pretty light i can’t go until i’ve got myself a better suited rod. I just need to know what sort of test curve my rod should have and any suggestions of makes/models would be good.
Cheers x

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What kind of fishing gear should I start with?

I’ve fished before, mostly fresh water from shore, docks, and canoe. I want to buy a rod and reel with some bait this weekend because I’ve wanted to go quite a few times over the summer. So I’m going to head down to Bass Pro but I need some guidance on what I should start with. They do have quite a large selection

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