Can anyone suggest where to mount a humminbird 997c side imaging transducer to a 189 Nitro Fish & Ski boat?

I just bought a humminbird 997c side imaging fish finder. I have a 189 Nitro Sport Fish & Ski boat. I am having a hard time finding a place to mount the transduer where it will be far enough from the motor (out board) and yet have a clear view from the two side standing boards on the rear. Anyone have any pictures of where they mounted their transducers that I can look at?

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What side is your spinning reel handle on?

I am right handed and the reel has always been on my left hand side. I always knew this to be correct, at least I thought this to be correct.

A few years ago on a charter fishing trip in Lake Michigan, all of the spinning reels were set up with the handle on the right hand side of the reel. The guide told us that we’d been doing it wrong for years. Is he correct or foolish? Or is there no correct answer?


1. Are you left or right handed?
2. What side is your handle on?


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Have you used the Humminbird 997c SI Side Imaging Dual Beam Fishfinder GPS Combo?

Could anyone give some feedback on how they like the new Humminbird Side Imaging Fishfinders. I hear that they really make finding the fish easier and some pros are saying that they have increased their winnings with the fish finder.

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