What is the best size spinning reel for a 7 foot Ugly stick fishing pole used for saltwater fishing?

I am planning on purchasing a 7 foot Ugly Stick for saltwater fishing. The pole says 20-40 pound line weight. I am planning on catching grouper, sand perch, snapper, etc. What would be the best size spinning reel for this pole? What size line should I be using?

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What size line do i put on my fishing reel?

I have purchased a Penn live fisher 560L and want to put braid line on it

what size line should i put on this
im going to go rock fishing in nsw somewhere on the coast – need to still purchase a rod 10′ for it

just for additional info

im fishing for salmon and bonito so good sport fish
fishing on the coast of NSW

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What size fishing rod do you prefer?

If you like crank baiting best in bass fishing then tell me what length you like the rod to be then, or if you like jigging for walleye, etc. Whatever you like best, what size rod do you use for it?
I normally like a 6 foot rod for almost any fishing. Sometimes a 6’6 for drop-shotting in bass fishing but, overall for everything i would like a 6 foot rod. How about you?
I normally use a 5’6 rod panfishing.

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