small boat buying advice?

I believe people when they say a boat is a hole in the water you throw money into.

I’m looking for a SMALL fishing setup for my wife, who grew up on a lake up north and loves to fish.

Something simple like a 14 foot jon boat, with trailer, trolling motor, maybe a fish finder, and possibly a small gas motor.

What are the pitfalls to looking for a setup like this? What do I need to steer clear of and any general advice you may have.

I’d really like to keep it well under $2000.

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What kind of fish are usually stocked in small private ponds?

The golf courses at my country club close on Mondays, so I was going to sneak out there and fish in some of the lakes they have on the courses.

I KNOW they have those small fish (I think carp or bluegill, not sure), but I’m not sure what bigger fish they have.

I think that, if there are big fish, they could actually be big.

Here are my main questions:

What kind of fish do you think would be stocked in there?

How likely is it for me to catch ANY fish?

What kind of lures should I use?

Please add any advice or information!
I’ve already gotten permission from my Country Club.
Southeast. Atlanta to be specific.

My club is Cherokee Town & Country Club.

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For sight fishing (Fly-fishing) small and usually picky spawning largemouth bass what are some effective flies?

I was thinking maybe I could try a fly with a more aggressive approach to fool the bass into thinking it was a threat to their nest (forgot what that’s called). Keep in mind these fish are small. This is in California. Crayfish maybe?

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