What are some good fishing poles and equipment for a beginning saltwater fisher?

Ive been on a couple of fishing trips and just fell in love with fishing. Im tired of having to rent equipment so I decided im going to buy my own. What do you recommend for saltwater fishing, I usually go on the Long Island sound by city island. What pole and reel do you recommend? What other equipment do you recommend? Nothing to expensive please. Thank you

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Need some fishing help got a couple questions…?

So im taking this test for work…and i need a little help with these questions….here we go..

#1 In fly fishing what is the difference between double taper and weight forward fly line?

#2 What is the main feature and benefit of the new lightweight fishing waders?

#3 what is the main benefits of the spectra type line that leads to it recent popularity?

#4 what are the benefits of fiberglass and graftif rods?

#5 what is the main advantage of a felt sole wader?

#6 What technology enable fish finders to work effectively?

#7 What are the benefits of color in fishing lures?

Thanks in advance

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What are some of the best reels available for freshwater fishing?

I would like to get a nice reel for my husband for his first father’s day. He mainly fishes in lakes and creeks. Occasionally on the river. I have no idea what to look for in a good reel. What should I look for or what is a good reel to buy? I don’t want to spend over a $100. The reel would be for a Cabela’s 7′ 0″ rod.

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What is some good bait for Washington fishing?

I am looking to do some more fishing in washington, and want some good bait. the bait would be for either lake/river fish like trout or any saltwater fish you can catch of a dock. this is in the Puget Sound area of Washington. also, i could use some good stores to get this stuff. please help.

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What are some tips on fishing at Indian Cave State Park in Nebraska?

I have been fishing before but it’s been awhile. I thought as a good family thing to do together I would take my kids fishing at the river for something different. I have fished in a lake before but never a river. I was wondering if anyone could give me any pointers on how? I not sure that it would be different than lake fishing or could I just basically do it the same.

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