Best bass fishing SONAR for under $400?

In your own opinion, what would be the best Fish finder that i could get for under $400.
very solid answer Ande, so…the top bass pros-Iaconelli, Van dam, Reese, Clunn, Swindle, Omori etc. along with the millions of other bass fisherman that use sonar today are all women? keep your crap answers to yourself.
cheating sure, its a way of knowing the structure on the bottom of a lake and a way of finding fish through electronics. which really helps if you are a tournament angler on an unfamiliar lake. You still have to use your own knowledge in choosing the right lures and presentations depending on the conditions and fish habits… Alabama rigs are banned from most tournaments because they catch too much fish and take the sport out of it and i 100% agree with that.
Thank you Swamp Zombie. You actually gave an answer that Answered my question like Yahoo answers was made for. unlike all of those other answers…(if you can even call them answers.) i don’t enjoy wasting time on here but i suppose Andee and GMB do. Maybe if they spent more time fishing and less time having their faces glued to their computer monitors they could be better people. Good answer Swamp Zombie. 5 stars.

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*****sonar fishfinder help*****?

im planing to buy a sonar fishfinder. i’ve made a choice to bu the EAGLE CUDA168.

I just want to know how good is it, how good does it work, is it easy to use and insall, is it a satisfing product, is it worth buying?

I want to hear peole’s opinions about this product so i can make a desision about buying it or not.

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