What are ONE good reason you should start bass fishing, and one good reason why you should not?

Why you should start.

It’s one of the most fun, and enjoyable activities that i can think of. You have a chance of fishing for the most prized gamefish in America.

Why you shouldn’t.

SOME bass anglers have cocky attitudes, which will make you wanna pull your hair out. And the pulse of wanting to have the best boat, lures, and reels will make a hole in your wallet.

Come on, speak your mind.
Damn, Tarheel i should have thought of that one.

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What kind of fishing gear should I start with?

I’ve fished before, mostly fresh water from shore, docks, and canoe. I want to buy a rod and reel with some bait this weekend because I’ve wanted to go quite a few times over the summer. So I’m going to head down to Bass Pro but I need some guidance on what I should start with. They do have quite a large selection

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I want to start fishing and don’t know where to begin?

I’m looking for advice on equipment and accersories that would be good to have. I live in Los Angeles so I have freshwater, pier and deep sea fishing all available to me. Are the reel and rods that work for all conditions or would I need different equipment for different locations?
Another question, what is the difference between spinning, trollling, casting, and spincast reels?

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All you anglers out there ! What is a good reel to start fishing with for general coarse fishing?

Im thinking about starting fishing again and would like some help choosing a decent reel ! Not too expensive but not cheap either a good all rounder and would appreciate some help from anglers. Ive got a decent waggler rod to go with it .

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I want to start fly fishing and was wondering about this rod?

I found this rod, it seems to have good reviews. http://www.basspro.com/Temple-Fork-Outfitters-Lefty-Kreh-Professional-Series-Fly-Rods/product/57509/-1022046

I want to fish for trout in small rivers. I was going to go with the 9′ 6wt rod. Also what would be a good reel and line to get?

Thank you.

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