I have a fishin lure that says “dont store in pvc tackle,store separ.” wht kind of tackle/storage tote do I us?

I have a wide collection of fishing lures and I store them all in tackle boxes or storage totes. I have 10 to 20 different lures that the box says dont store in pvc plastic because the lure will melt. Can anyone please please tell me what to use for organized storage.

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Where (website or store) can i get a good deep sea/lake fishing rod?

So family trip to florida in 2 weeks, and my dad promised to take me tarpon fishing if i got the rods and everything and he’d get the guide.

SO, where is a good place in COLORADO where i can get a nice sea fishing pole? i can’t get one in florida because we’re there for 4 days, and we only have 1 day to fish. so, a website or store please.

Also, where can i get a good catfish or bass rod in CO? a website is good

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What’s the best store or web site to buy fishing tackle from?

I live in Queens NY and i got into fishing 2 years ago. I bought a saltwater fishing rod and reel from a bait shop near a popular fishing site in Queens. They set me up with a PENN CV6000 reel and a TSUNAMI TROPHY SURF rod. I like the rod and reel they work well together and look good too. Now i want to get a fresh water rod and reel a baitcaster reel with a nice rod and a fly rod and reel so i will have one of each kind 3 rods and reel’s in total. What store or website has good quality tackle for a good price?

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