surf fishing questions?

What’s a good rig to use with shrimp when you’re surf fishing? When I went to Florida and South Carolina, I would put a jig on a gulp shrimp and put a bobber about a yard above it, and that cought a lot of fish, but the waves would move everything around alot. I’d like to try out the fish-finder rig because it looks pretty uncomplicated. Whats a good, uncomplicated rig that works when you’re surf fishing?

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what is the best way to cast a surf and deep sea reel with out bird nesting the line?

i just got a new reel for surf fishing and deep sea a dual purpas rod i casted and i got the famous birds nest and had to have my line changed how can i keep this from happing again. what would you suggest. got a video link or something that show it’s?

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what spinning reel should i buy for bass fishing and surf fishing?

maybe even some pier fishing. i can spend some money on a good reel but nothing over the top..maybe $80 tops. would a 6’6″ ugly stick be a good choice? thank you. i want a small enough rod to be sensitive enough for bass but strong enough for some inshore saltwater fishing. thanks.

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What would be a good reel for surf shark fishing?

I would like to purchase a rod and a reel to use for surf fishing on Sanibel Island this summer. I would like to try to catch some sharks but I don’t have any experience catching fish this big. I don’t want to spend a ton…. looking at maybe $150 or so for the rod and reel. Any suggestions? I was looking at maybe a 10′ to 12′ foot rod and maybe a bait-feeder reel.

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NJ surf fishing… Hi-lo vs fish finder rig, whats your preference?

Planning on doing some surf fishing really soon here in Jersey and just wanted to inquire as to other peoples preferences in regards to their rigs. I plan on using a hi-lo rig on one rod and a fishfinder on another, but if one works much better than the other, maybe I can soften that learning curve a bit with others fishing experience. Thanks in advance!

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How to organize terminal tackle for surf fishing? What do you reccommend?

I want to go surf fishing but have no experience. We have a rod and some hooks etc but were not sure how to tie the best lure/tackle for the given conditions. The beach is a surf beach which has all kinds of fish out in the deep and it has an inlet where sharks often go to feed on smaller fish.

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What is the best surf fishing tackle?

I am going on a trip to St. Augustine, Florida in early August and was wandering what I should use.

I am fairly new to surf fishing. I was wanting to get a rod that wasn’t very expensive but would still do good for the surf and was looking for any pointers.

I also don’t know what tackle I should use. I have heard 3 oz pyramid with a couple snelled hooks using either shrimp or squid. Also a flourocarbon leader. What would be the best? And what should I use for the rest of my line?

What should I do? As much information as I can get would be extremely helpful especially on the rods and reels. Thank you very much.

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