Best lure and tactics for Fluke fishing?

Anyone know the best lure that has worked phenomenally for catching summer flounder of a pier?
Also, the best rig to go with it.
I’ve been using bucktail jigs, white or green with spearing as a trailer and its worked great, but wondering if theres something better out there.
Also, should I go finesse or or standard pier rod. Finesse definitely has better control and feel.
I have a net so pulling a fat mat is not a issue.
Ok, I’m not looking for “how to fish for fluke”, I know how to fish for them been doing it for years…they love squid, spearing, searobin bellys, jigs, etc. I want to know what is the best of the best lure/bait, example, 20 people on a boat and no one is catching anything but you’re pulling up one every 3 mins. etc, what are you using?

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Favorite tactics for catching early summer patern bass in highland reservoirs?

Very little visible cover, what is visible are submerged mesquite, miles of deep rocky shorelines, few humps, maximum depth 90′, water temp in low 70’s. Fishfinder is busted! What to do?

Good question for you Bass busters!
Sorry, I meant to say low 80’s.

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